Main Character

by Wade

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I have held this little gem for about a year and now is the right time to give it away.
This EP was the start of my mission to be "the main character" of my life - truly be alive, understand my life, and be the best person I can be.
I'm not perfect, and I wouldn't want to be. I have much more days to grow and share.
Main Character really gets to what makes me in 5 songs. Some dope, Cali Player steez, some video game love, and spiritual overtones make this adventure.
It is available in digital music stores like iTunes and Amazon for $4.95 but I really just want people to hear this. It's all love here.

I threw in a bonus song - First Date (feat. Wade and Tyler Alexis) by The Hauser Project. Check them out here:

I also included some photos - just wanted to give you guys love. No offense taken if you delete things lol.

Enjoy this adventure, and Be the Main Character of Your Life.

CRIW till we through.



released April 29, 2013

S/O to all the people, homies, and family that support me in everything in and outside of music. Life wouldn't be an interesting game without you guys.

God is good. All the time.
Mom and Dad, love.
Bro, love.

Chris - Best roomie. Desho?
Russ - Karate Duo Numbah 1. Ride and Die.
Ian - Ninjas for life mang. FTP and Goodshie

Licup and Castro Clans - Thank you for always checking out my music, even when it was surprising to know I rap. I was reassured to know I had your support. I'm still going to be a doctor too.

Francis Batac - May we be blessed with more goodshie food, spiritual discussions, and general rap/life geekin out. Mi hermano foreal #SDLife
Zach G - Always love man. You're always welcome at my place, no questions needed.
Jenny M - For teaching me real swag. And being a great "best female friend."
Stan W - Bromance foreal.
Dominic R - Our BSin and small talk (and your tweets) are always inspiring. Let's really stay in touch, even if we don't kick it. One.
Christina O - I know the last time we met was awkward (my fault) but I still want to keep our friendship. Some of our conversations may have influenced this project. Still love.

Thank you all. Bless.




Wade San Diego, California

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Track Name: Diamond in the Rough
[Verse 1]
"This is I" told the Universe that I could write a verse
From my room to iTunes, there's a reason for my birth
A vision and a pencil charmed my family a
Wade Licup bout to change the world, pray to God I'll win
Cause this time, this time I have a voice
15 minutes ain't enough, I'm take the whole hour
Can I reach the world, put my momma in a Royce?
Cause he with the gold makes the rules, money is power
I play the game to change the game, make a name, pave a lane
Cut a few dames, tell the crowd this time is ours
Now I got reason to rap
My fam and city look at me to show the world love and dap
Impossible to fail when CRIW's my movement
11 on Richter's Scale, we bigger than fissures
Life is a game, and I'm a Main Character
Diamond in the Rough, I'm better than good enough

Ooh, a Diamond in the Rough
And I'm trying to save the world
A hero's life is an adventure every day
Ooh, a Diamond in the Rough
And I'm trying to save the girl
Create, Relate, Inspire the World

[Verse 2]
From where I was to where I am, didn't come overnight
Now when I'm in the booth, I'm the truth, like the Bible
Thought I could avoid the hate, to all I would relate
But if you appeal to everybody, you real to nobody
Visions of seeing smiles everywhere I go
The beauty of life, I just wanted to show
This for the kids wondering their purpose in their life
This for the people who trying to make it all right
Touching people's hearts like I got a doctor's touch
Never rap on tracks without my A game, always clutch
Slow to anger, quick to forgive, flow's unforgiving
A killing off helping people living's my future living
So girl, tell the world, and Papa all your dreams
Restaurant in New Orleans, tell the stars you mean it
Don't forget, you got what you needed
You're a Diamond in the Rough, Love's Better than Good Enough


[Verse 3]
Suited in legendary armor, ready and armed for,
War and amor, always looking for more
The knowledge that I kick would flip yours facts on they backs
The hieroglyphs that I spit would melt the wax off your tracks
Hear God calling through me and my hotlines
Mufasa in my eyes, otherwise I'm not lying
Respect the Architect, I put a bomb to your neck
And put treasures in your chest, otherwise rhymes' not mine
Never at a loss in victory speeches
Steez so heavy, catch the scene, chase the C.R.E.A.M.
I just want my wrist made out of CP30
But cut my right hand if it don't make me right, man
Mrs. Pamela Schneider, who never lost to cancer
"Inspiring people like you!" That's my answer
Already gone when the going gets tough
Diamond in the Rough, you're better than good enough

Track Name: Celebrate (West Side)
West Side is the best side
There is no other place in the world
Come here for the best time
You know we got them Cali girls
Put your hands up high, put them in the sky
And wave them like you just don't care
Cause we gon' celebrate (3x)

[Verse 1]
One, two, three into the four
Wade L-I-C-U-P and West Coast at your door
Windows down, volume up, at ease with this breeze
Everybody welcome man, it's just love, peace, and cheese
Blacks and Latinos, Koreans, Filipinos,
Hipsters, Barbies, Bros, all my people
Eat, surf, laugh, hug, drink, smoke, and love
Each to their own, we all in the same home
West coast player, can't fuck with this
Try and chide our pride? Don't fuck with that
Cali got the Recipe: Women, Weed, and Weather
My goal by 30 is to be rocking at Coachella
Twisting fingers like 2Pac when I roll around
SD my town, the W's a crown
She want a man with heart and balls, guess what
He is I, I am him, Wade Licup my nuts, biatch!


[Verse 2]
All I need in this world of sin
Is me and my girlfriend, we can be the
0'12 Bonnie + Clyde, till the end ride and die
Farther than soft but tough, but this Diamond ain't so rough
I just want a bad bitch with a good heart
Down for the action and some passion for Life
Hold it down for my dreams
A true angel who ain't afraid to daredevil
I'm the man you can't miss and
I'm like this and like that and this and
Life ain't nuthin' but a G thang
Baby girl come pop your G strang
PCH cruise, Cali forever be my Muse
Prince of my city, I can run it with no shoes
Blondes and spray tans, brunettes and Ray Bans
Shamu and gray sands, my life is great man!


[Verse 3]
At the end of the day, it's all about enjoying life
On the trail for the Holy Grail of Endless Tail
Cali girls, Animal Style, we get that In N Out
Los Juniors, Mexican food, is what we been about
Seaworld, Disneyland, mad magic, pop art
And after dark, I'll take your girl to Balboa Park
Cali is the shit, wise asses saying otherwise
I don't give a fuck or number 2 like Noah's Ark
This is my Pallet Town, forever hold it down
I swear to God I'm putting on for my city
As a king I'm called for greater things
Help the less privileged see what the paper brings
Laughing like the Joker, but more the Ace of Spades
Cali my Garden of Eden, I'm forever saying grace
Always commune over cold drinks and food
Live my life, watch time fly, God is good, West Side

Track Name: Devotion
I believe that I'mma shine
Spread my wings up into the sky
Before I check I'mma testify
I'll live my dreams before I die

[Verse 1]
Hope in my heart and dreams in my I head, I hope that I can
Do my own part before I am dead
I'm a hero on a quest for my village making friends
On a journey for success in this world of excess
I don't rap, I don't preach, I'm making truthful music
Paint my life on wax so maybe you could use it
I'm trying to be frank in this ocean of naval mines
See myself connecting the world, getting paid to rhyme
The beginning's always hard at first cause they don't get it at first
I tried to pray to God but I ain't listen in church
They say I'm talented but there's no gift with no curse
The makings of a man mark the rifts in this verse
Those who'll lift up my hearse let me know they got my back
We only Life's epic cause we take the hardest
They say God gives challenges to those who'll overcome
When all is said and done, I've done more and said enough


[Verse 2]
Hope in my heart and dreams in my head, some really doubt it
If the world ended today, what could you do about it
We think life is fine, we wine and dine
But tell me why there's kids out there, trying to survive
Many moments I've wondered, what life really means
I'm a privileged man not hustling in the Philippines
I understand I'm young, trying to be my own man
But if I ain't got a purpose, then I ain't a grown man
So look at me, look at me, it's time to aspire
Inherited desire, mankind I'll inspire
Paving my path in pathos, in war you call me Kratos
And death's a coward's escape, I'm escaping the Cave of Plato
Soon my shit will be what kids are bumping now
Wade is the new man, everyone will fuck with now
Fuck economy and reality, odds were meant to be beaten
I've done the impossible, I'm alive and I'm breathing


[Verse 3]
99% complain about the ones that got it all
But I ain't fricking playing, I'mma grind so my kids can ball
And when they kids look into history, they see a dynasty
Godfather like my grandfather, vows to the family
Russ got me the black suit, so now I'm on some shit
Devotion to CRIW famiglia, we Vongola shit
Why God calling through hotlines giving me hotlines
I'm a star, how could I not shine?
So now I'm back, spitting that "he could pass a polygraph"
Capturing feats of marvel daily like Peter Parker's cam
For now and ever on here's the deal:
I shall always speak from the heart, never compromise what I feel is real
Girl I'm far from perfect but God says that I'm worth it
My Plan B is to make sure Plan A works
My life's a meteor to the planet, changing the universe
Be the main character, of my universe

Track Name: Endless in Between (feat. Francis Batac)
Can you see how we've come so far?
Cause here we are on shining stars
All the care that I can take
The love and memories we will make
Just call me, call me
I'll be there

[Verse 1]
Once upon a time, when Life never gets boring
And everyday makes for a great story
Wake up in the morning, stare into the mirror
Reflections of Dreams and Love, it's always so clear
Shining armor, facing demons and dragons
The way through it all is by dreaming and passion
Fam' and CRIW, I'd die for in an instance
But I'd stay alive for my princess
"Be myself"'s the only thing I have to do
Better hated for what I am than loved for what I'm not
Mickey and Minnie told me this real simple truth:
The happiest place on Earth is anywhere with you
If life is a game then I am a Main Character
Diamond in the Rough molded in God's pasture
My world's heaven, bring you here, no rapture
Another chapter, in this happy ever after

[Chorus - Francis Batac]

We want to,
Travel, be happy, fall in love
See the world unravel, flap our wings like doves
Do what we love and get paid for it
Then do it enough and get fame for it
As a king my duty's to inspire others to dream
Passion makes us cray but how else can we live?
Real women deserve royal loyalty
Every man needs a dream, every king needs a queen
Shining cross enshrined on some lotus petals
Have a real heart cause having gold is just cold metal
I wonder do I live? Do I love? Do I matter?
The answer has to be "Yes"
Whomever you are, wherever you are
I hope you know are, a shining star
Every moment is always the perfect time
Call me anytime, it's a happy ever after

[Chorus - Wade]

Everywhere I go, I still see your face
And everywhere I go, I still feel your grace
Moment's my inspiration
Creating my imagination
A king and queen, a boy and girl
Create, Relate, and Inspire the World

[Chorus - Wade and Francis] 2x
Track Name: Ordinary Man (feat. Francis Batac)
[Chorus - Francis Batac]
When you find something you love
It makes sure to always stay
I've found my reason
And I can't escape
I'm just an ordinary man who,
Who's trying to understand myself
Learn my truth, I gotta find my way

[Verse 1 - Wade]
Black suited, James class, my word is bond
Night life driven, the life I'm living in every song
Sing dance and rap, my clean act don't chaff
The time of my life is the signs of the times
Heaven or Hell, can't choose but one will prove
To win but how, when it feels so good to sin?
My ride and die brother, amigos until the casket
In a class of our own, no degrees, we are masters
Cash, whips, and chicks, we work so they come faster
We know how God works without listening to no pastors
Disparities in advice, got clarity on the wealth
Say a prayer then get it, God helps us help ourselves
Ambitions of beach condos, bitches with clean condoms
Business to empires, help the fam is our desires
Ordinary men with a purpose that we aspire
We never give up, you know what's up, Wade Licup


[Verse 2]
Don't want to fall asleep, cause waking up it always hurts
Battling with school, jobs or people, these times are worse
Life ain't what it should be, but I make it what it could be
I used to be a used to, but I hate to be a would be
Potential bigger than bigger, future so bright I'm blind
I never settle until I get the dime that's on my mind
Manuel said, "They no interested? Hijo you wasting time
Be who you really be, then they swallow up your shine."
Not living in the moment, my presence is in the present
Ahead of my time, since time flies, I'm already in heaven
Realized Crystal Child, a Red Spectral Walker
In this world but not of it, I'm balancing my spirit like
Envisioning my weight up, I'll have my pockets talking
And on earth as is in heaven, New World ordering my lyrics
Ain't the new Messiah, ain't the new Elijah
I am my Higher Self, Star Child shall inspire


[Verse 3]
Hustling for the check, I think I was born to ball
But when money coming in, responsibilities gon' call
Shiny things are nice, but I ain't gotta think twice
About getting people through weather, no other feeling better
E Street Coffee, just an ordinary meeting
4 Hours so fleeting, from strangers to them higher beings
She changed my life, kind of crazy
But you don't see it coming, you see it go, know what I'm saying?
The man times squared in the crossroads of my world
Trying to find the one after I've had every type of girl
I'm a Main Character, I said it slow
Past lives and mistakes, I got to let it go
Diamond in the Rough, lighting up in due time
Ordinary Man cause even building heaven is a grind
Create, Relate, Inspire the World: that's the scheme
Be the Main Character of my life: that's the dream