Celebrate (West Side)

from by Wade

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This is my Pallet Town. WEST$IDE


West Side is the best side
There is no other place in the world
Come here for the best time
You know we got them Cali girls
Put your hands up high, put them in the sky
And wave them like you just don't care
Cause we gon' celebrate (3x)

[Verse 1]
One, two, three into the four
Wade L-I-C-U-P and West Coast at your door
Windows down, volume up, at ease with this breeze
Everybody welcome man, it's just love, peace, and cheese
Blacks and Latinos, Koreans, Filipinos,
Hipsters, Barbies, Bros, all my people
Eat, surf, laugh, hug, drink, smoke, and love
Each to their own, we all in the same home
West coast player, can't fuck with this
Try and chide our pride? Don't fuck with that
Cali got the Recipe: Women, Weed, and Weather
My goal by 30 is to be rocking at Coachella
Twisting fingers like 2Pac when I roll around
SD my town, the W's a crown
She want a man with heart and balls, guess what
He is I, I am him, Wade Licup my nuts, biatch!


[Verse 2]
All I need in this world of sin
Is me and my girlfriend, we can be the
0'12 Bonnie + Clyde, till the end ride and die
Farther than soft but tough, but this Diamond ain't so rough
I just want a bad bitch with a good heart
Down for the action and some passion for Life
Hold it down for my dreams
A true angel who ain't afraid to daredevil
I'm the man you can't miss and
I'm like this and like that and this and
Life ain't nuthin' but a G thang
Baby girl come pop your G strang
PCH cruise, Cali forever be my Muse
Prince of my city, I can run it with no shoes
Blondes and spray tans, brunettes and Ray Bans
Shamu and gray sands, my life is great man!


[Verse 3]
At the end of the day, it's all about enjoying life
On the trail for the Holy Grail of Endless Tail
Cali girls, Animal Style, we get that In N Out
Los Juniors, Mexican food, is what we been about
Seaworld, Disneyland, mad magic, pop art
And after dark, I'll take your girl to Balboa Park
Cali is the shit, wise asses saying otherwise
I don't give a fuck or number 2 like Noah's Ark
This is my Pallet Town, forever hold it down
I swear to God I'm putting on for my city
As a king I'm called for greater things
Help the less privileged see what the paper brings
Laughing like the Joker, but more the Ace of Spades
Cali my Garden of Eden, I'm forever saying grace
Always commune over cold drinks and food
Live my life, watch time fly, God is good, West Side



from Main Character, released April 29, 2013
Prod. by Sinima Beats




Wade San Diego, California

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