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Confessions of a Prophet


I believe that I'mma shine
Spread my wings up into the sky
Before I check I'mma testify
I'll live my dreams before I die

[Verse 1]
Hope in my heart and dreams in my I head, I hope that I can
Do my own part before I am dead
I'm a hero on a quest for my village making friends
On a journey for success in this world of excess
I don't rap, I don't preach, I'm making truthful music
Paint my life on wax so maybe you could use it
I'm trying to be frank in this ocean of naval mines
See myself connecting the world, getting paid to rhyme
The beginning's always hard at first cause they don't get it at first
I tried to pray to God but I ain't listen in church
They say I'm talented but there's no gift with no curse
The makings of a man mark the rifts in this verse
Those who'll lift up my hearse let me know they got my back
We only Life's epic cause we take the hardest
They say God gives challenges to those who'll overcome
When all is said and done, I've done more and said enough


[Verse 2]
Hope in my heart and dreams in my head, some really doubt it
If the world ended today, what could you do about it
We think life is fine, we wine and dine
But tell me why there's kids out there, trying to survive
Many moments I've wondered, what life really means
I'm a privileged man not hustling in the Philippines
I understand I'm young, trying to be my own man
But if I ain't got a purpose, then I ain't a grown man
So look at me, look at me, it's time to aspire
Inherited desire, mankind I'll inspire
Paving my path in pathos, in war you call me Kratos
And death's a coward's escape, I'm escaping the Cave of Plato
Soon my shit will be what kids are bumping now
Wade is the new man, everyone will fuck with now
Fuck economy and reality, odds were meant to be beaten
I've done the impossible, I'm alive and I'm breathing


[Verse 3]
99% complain about the ones that got it all
But I ain't fricking playing, I'mma grind so my kids can ball
And when they kids look into history, they see a dynasty
Godfather like my grandfather, vows to the family
Russ got me the black suit, so now I'm on some shit
Devotion to CRIW famiglia, we Vongola shit
Why God calling through hotlines giving me hotlines
I'm a star, how could I not shine?
So now I'm back, spitting that "he could pass a polygraph"
Capturing feats of marvel daily like Peter Parker's cam
For now and ever on here's the deal:
I shall always speak from the heart, never compromise what I feel is real
Girl I'm far from perfect but God says that I'm worth it
My Plan B is to make sure Plan A works
My life's a meteor to the planet, changing the universe
Be the main character, of my universe



from Main Character, released April 29, 2013
Prod. by Inertia




Wade San Diego, California

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