Diamond in the Rough

from by Wade

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The Birth of a Hero.



[Verse 1]
"This is I" told the Universe that I could write a verse
From my room to iTunes, there's a reason for my birth
A vision and a pencil charmed my family a
Wade Licup bout to change the world, pray to God I'll win
Cause this time, this time I have a voice
15 minutes ain't enough, I'm take the whole hour
Can I reach the world, put my momma in a Royce?
Cause he with the gold makes the rules, money is power
I play the game to change the game, make a name, pave a lane
Cut a few dames, tell the crowd this time is ours
Now I got reason to rap
My fam and city look at me to show the world love and dap
Impossible to fail when CRIW's my movement
11 on Richter's Scale, we bigger than fissures
Life is a game, and I'm a Main Character
Diamond in the Rough, I'm better than good enough

Ooh, a Diamond in the Rough
And I'm trying to save the world
A hero's life is an adventure every day
Ooh, a Diamond in the Rough
And I'm trying to save the girl
Create, Relate, Inspire the World

[Verse 2]
From where I was to where I am, didn't come overnight
Now when I'm in the booth, I'm the truth, like the Bible
Thought I could avoid the hate, to all I would relate
But if you appeal to everybody, you real to nobody
Visions of seeing smiles everywhere I go
The beauty of life, I just wanted to show
This for the kids wondering their purpose in their life
This for the people who trying to make it all right
Touching people's hearts like I got a doctor's touch
Never rap on tracks without my A game, always clutch
Slow to anger, quick to forgive, flow's unforgiving
A killing off helping people living's my future living
So girl, tell the world, and Papa all your dreams
Restaurant in New Orleans, tell the stars you mean it
Don't forget, you got what you needed
You're a Diamond in the Rough, Love's Better than Good Enough


[Verse 3]
Suited in legendary armor, ready and armed for,
War and amor, always looking for more
The knowledge that I kick would flip yours facts on they backs
The hieroglyphs that I spit would melt the wax off your tracks
Hear God calling through me and my hotlines
Mufasa in my eyes, otherwise I'm not lying
Respect the Architect, I put a bomb to your neck
And put treasures in your chest, otherwise rhymes' not mine
Never at a loss in victory speeches
Steez so heavy, catch the scene, chase the C.R.E.A.M.
I just want my wrist made out of CP30
But cut my right hand if it don't make me right, man
Mrs. Pamela Schneider, who never lost to cancer
"Inspiring people like you!" That's my answer
Already gone when the going gets tough
Diamond in the Rough, you're better than good enough



from Main Character, released April 29, 2013
Prod. by Marcus D




Wade San Diego, California

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