Endless in Between (feat. Francis Batac)

from by Wade

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The happiest place on Earth is anywhere with you.

Disney Dreams


Can you see how we've come so far?
Cause here we are on shining stars
All the care that I can take
The love and memories we will make
Just call me, call me
I'll be there

[Verse 1]
Once upon a time, when Life never gets boring
And everyday makes for a great story
Wake up in the morning, stare into the mirror
Reflections of Dreams and Love, it's always so clear
Shining armor, facing demons and dragons
The way through it all is by dreaming and passion
Fam' and CRIW, I'd die for in an instance
But I'd stay alive for my princess
"Be myself"'s the only thing I have to do
Better hated for what I am than loved for what I'm not
Mickey and Minnie told me this real simple truth:
The happiest place on Earth is anywhere with you
If life is a game then I am a Main Character
Diamond in the Rough molded in God's pasture
My world's heaven, bring you here, no rapture
Another chapter, in this happy ever after

[Chorus - Francis Batac]

We want to,
Travel, be happy, fall in love
See the world unravel, flap our wings like doves
Do what we love and get paid for it
Then do it enough and get fame for it
As a king my duty's to inspire others to dream
Passion makes us cray but how else can we live?
Real women deserve royal loyalty
Every man needs a dream, every king needs a queen
Shining cross enshrined on some lotus petals
Have a real heart cause having gold is just cold metal
I wonder do I live? Do I love? Do I matter?
The answer has to be "Yes"
Whomever you are, wherever you are
I hope you know are, a shining star
Every moment is always the perfect time
Call me anytime, it's a happy ever after

[Chorus - Wade]

Everywhere I go, I still see your face
And everywhere I go, I still feel your grace
Moment's my inspiration
Creating my imagination
A king and queen, a boy and girl
Create, Relate, and Inspire the World

[Chorus - Wade and Francis] 2x


from Main Character, released April 29, 2013
Prod. by Sinima Beats




Wade San Diego, California

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