Ordinary Man (feat. Francis Batac)

from by Wade

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I'm just an Ordinary Man...

((calling all crystal children))


[Chorus - Francis Batac]
When you find something you love
It makes sure to always stay
I've found my reason
And I can't escape
I'm just an ordinary man who,
Who's trying to understand myself
Learn my truth, I gotta find my way

[Verse 1 - Wade]
Black suited, James class, my word is bond
Night life driven, the life I'm living in every song
Sing dance and rap, my clean act don't chaff
The time of my life is the signs of the times
Heaven or Hell, can't choose but one will prove
To win but how, when it feels so good to sin?
My ride and die brother, amigos until the casket
In a class of our own, no degrees, we are masters
Cash, whips, and chicks, we work so they come faster
We know how God works without listening to no pastors
Disparities in advice, got clarity on the wealth
Say a prayer then get it, God helps us help ourselves
Ambitions of beach condos, bitches with clean condoms
Business to empires, help the fam is our desires
Ordinary men with a purpose that we aspire
We never give up, you know what's up, Wade Licup


[Verse 2]
Don't want to fall asleep, cause waking up it always hurts
Battling with school, jobs or people, these times are worse
Life ain't what it should be, but I make it what it could be
I used to be a used to, but I hate to be a would be
Potential bigger than bigger, future so bright I'm blind
I never settle until I get the dime that's on my mind
Manuel said, "They no interested? Hijo you wasting time
Be who you really be, then they swallow up your shine."
Not living in the moment, my presence is in the present
Ahead of my time, since time flies, I'm already in heaven
Realized Crystal Child, a Red Spectral Walker
In this world but not of it, I'm balancing my spirit like
Envisioning my weight up, I'll have my pockets talking
And on earth as is in heaven, New World ordering my lyrics
Ain't the new Messiah, ain't the new Elijah
I am my Higher Self, Star Child shall inspire


[Verse 3]
Hustling for the check, I think I was born to ball
But when money coming in, responsibilities gon' call
Shiny things are nice, but I ain't gotta think twice
About getting people through weather, no other feeling better
E Street Coffee, just an ordinary meeting
4 Hours so fleeting, from strangers to them higher beings
She changed my life, kind of crazy
But you don't see it coming, you see it go, know what I'm saying?
The man times squared in the crossroads of my world
Trying to find the one after I've had every type of girl
I'm a Main Character, I said it slow
Past lives and mistakes, I got to let it go
Diamond in the Rough, lighting up in due time
Ordinary Man cause even building heaven is a grind
Create, Relate, Inspire the World: that's the scheme
Be the Main Character of my life: that's the dream



from Main Character, released April 29, 2013
Prod. by Marcus D




Wade San Diego, California

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