This is I

by Wade

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My first album (mixtape for the hip hop heads).
I recorded this over the course of the summer of 2011, but I released it only to a few friends.
Looking back, I can only honor this project as a "moment" of who I was. Sure, I could say that my flow was rough, the hooks were not that great, or that some lines were a little wack.
However, the feelings and passion still live through the music. A young, idealistic boy trying to reach to the world.

Whatever you get is what you were meant to hear. I am honored to have been a part of your life.


released April 9, 2013




Wade San Diego, California

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Track Name: The Arrival
[Verse 1]
Everyone, this is my arrival
Respects to my peers, don't need a rival
Never left, but it's like a return
Life said there's things I first must learn
Got styles and flows in all shapes and sizes
I'll smile and go while I take my prizes
It's time to show, I may surprise you
I'm finally home! Greatness I'll find you
I'm the answer to your questions
First time's right, no second guessin'
Good music's my genre and section
I'm on my level, and perfection
Tell the world I only get better
Tell your girl I put it together
You need to care, it's of concern
Hope you're prepared, for my return

And now, I say
To everyone, today
We're headed to the top of this tower
Now's the time, now is ours
Oh, yeah, this is what I live for
I'm finally doin', what I love
I'm seeing the light and I'm leading my
Goals, and my dreams, I gotta be
Alive, even if it kills me
I'll die with a smile

[Verse 2]
Not my fault, think about it everyday
All day, new flows, looking for great rhymes
Personal Burger King, Have it My Way
I'm calling the world, iPhone, FaceTime
No longer a dream, better than a goal
My destiny's to live this fantasy
This idea took over my soul
Love in all music, masterpiece

I always believe in myself (Who cares if you don't!)
I believe in God (That's why I'm on) (2x)
This is my arrival (Yeah I'm here now)
I'll go as far as I can (I'm the man now) (2x)

This is my time, let's go
Track Name: Thank You
You know,
Even when I feel like trash
Or see people struggling with cash
I realize I'm still here
So I'm thankful...
You know what I'm sayin'?

[Verse 1]
I'm just a small kid, from a small town
The weather there was good, I never had a frown
Right next to the beach, I could here the ocean
The message in the bottle? My bottled emotions
No big hustle, life was no struggle
Somehow I felt like a small fry in a puddle
Sky is blue, look at the clouds
All I wanna do is make my mom proud
Fill dad with pride, I say this out loud,
"Life is happening because of family"
Friendship is fishing; don't catch and release
I capture and keep them, true friends till the end
Life ain't what it seems but we shouldn't pretend
That we know all of her, it be too simple then
Look at those who love you, nothing to fear
If no one says this, well I'm thankful you're here

I wanna thank you
(For everything that you do)
I wanna thank you
(Because you have a choice, you don't have to be here)
I wanna thank you
(I'm about the love, I'm fighting against fear)
I wanna thank you
(I'll try to be clear, I'm glad that you're here)

[Verse 2]
It's the year 92, born to speak to you
Just another baby whose first lady's his mom
Innocent and young, clear like the sky
I pick myself up even though I cry
You may not care if I speak of myself
But I show you one place to get you somewhere else
My life is my advice, the right kind of help
Loving girls, with or without what's under my belt
These troubles in the world, make you wanna hurl
This stress today makes me wanna go away
But hey, say this to you boys and girls
That I always find another reason to live another day
Goodshie awkward feelings or high on life
Space Jam, I believe I can fly all night
"That's great man, but peace is a fantasy"
Well then it's up to us to make it a reality

I wanna thank you
(For everything that you do)
I wanna thank you
(Because you have a choice, you don't have to be here)
I wanna thank you
(I'm about the love, I'm fighting against fear)
I wanna thank you
(I'll try to be clear, I'm glad that you're here)

[Verse 3]
Just a man and iron suit, when you boil it down
Fundamentally fresh, so I can't spoil it now
I catch myself asking "Why?" then the wind blows
It's telling me to fly, I have to let go
All my worries, all my fears
Locked in my chest, my heart's still here
Beating like the time I asked that girl out
I was probably too scared to go back to her house
Memories resurface, gotta pull the curtains
Focus on the present that I now for certain
Yeah, "learn from the past" blah blah blah the future
But I'm not a rookie, my flows are like fortune cookies
Uh, could have done better yesterday
But I'm all about the Now, Yes Today
No clouds of doubt, I say this real clear
Looking at the sky, I'm glad that I'm here

I wanna thank you
(For everything that you do)
I wanna thank you
(Because you have a choice, you don't have to be here)
I wanna thank you
(I'm about the love, I'm fighting against fear)
I wanna thank you
(I'll try to be clear, I'm glad that you're here)
Track Name: Fade to Black
[Verse 1]
Not once upon a time, this is one of those times
This is for my family, who I've been with happily
We deserve strong clans, less than that is a crime
I may cause the game trouble but I'm hazard free
I love my father, he helped shape who I am
but trust me I do not want to grow up my dad
Because he believes in me, to show the world who's Wade
Like Dwayne, I carry my family team and get paid (get paid!)
and can I say this? God bless my mother
I love her forever, couldn't and wouldn't have another
You could have done great things but you stayed with us
She wants us to be great, that's word to my brother (Chad!)
Weird model for the role whom I'm a role model
You and I will make life poppin like bottles
It's logical for us to do big things, Aristotle
So dear family, I'm living my life full throttle

[Verse 2]
I got a talent for the truth, let me be honest
I got a purpose in my life, Mom and Dad I promise
I'll help people and the world be alive
Most of them sleepwalk or struggle to survive
Any clouds of doubt, just let your son shine
He needs you around, don't let your son down
Mom I ain't done yet, sit back watch your son rise
Pa, relax, kick back and know your son set
God's got us, like we got a priest in here
We shouldn't work harder to make life easier
Oh it may be tough, but that's different than difficult
That's why I'll do my best, never my minimal
You may not like it but will you please believe
I can catch my dreams, greatness I'll achieve
I ask for your support, even if you don't agree
I need all your rapport, my future you will see

[Verse 3]
Can't spell familiarity without family
And in family there is familiarity
The two are related, it's no peculiarity
Because great families provide real securities
Through thick and thin, with eggs and bacon
We treasure the love, bonds, and memories we makin'
Aw yeah, truly no place like home
There is no other thing that I'd put on
Mom I know you want me to get a doctorate
But my heart always wants to seem the opposite
I know many don't make it, I need something to profit with
But when you do what you love, nothing ain't stoppin it
Hard to say now, give me a couple of years
Cause I can change the world, bring you a couple of tears
Share this to my friends and all my future fans
Cause you're not friends and fans you are now my fam
Track Name: Breathin'
[Verse 1]
In a world were a few are basking in wealth,
Some worried for health, many asking for help
If you can't see it, you need to blink
Some people can't see shit, there life's on the brink
A loving family's where I was born and raised
In front of a TV is where I spent most of my days
Not tryna exaggerate I hope it's familiar
We need to communicate before I can feel ya
Pause and rewind for the downers who ain't listen
Play my lines louder in case they miss it
Never get a clone, you always get the real me
I have to be alive, even if it kills me
What's important's not what's in front of your eyes
It's what's behind it, find the truth in the lies
Peace is the best I've never had like Beyonce
It's something I gotta have I'll be on my way

Sometimes I wanna be alone
Be in my own zone, I wanna go home
But then something tells me I'm ok
I'm on my way to a new day, oh
Mamma said there'll be times like this
When I throw a fit then find happiness
Take nothing for granted cause life is fleetin
And thank God, I'm still breathin'

[Verse 2]
Yes I'm welcomed loved and forgiven
But what we call suffering, some may call livin
I don't mean to play nor am I Dramatic
But too often do we take things for granted
Yes I'm also tired from hearing bout the homeless
But tell me something I don't know, Selena Gomez
No more charity, I need sincerity
That's like paying to be good, damn embarrassing
Man I'm too real to be rolling with fake friends
Do I gotta get money in order to make sense?
People make me feel blue, I wish they got a clue
Guess I gotta show you, back to the basics
These are Demon Dayz like a band called Gorillaz
Good music's in demand like Vanilla
I should do something before I demand something realer
I need to start with the Man in the Mirror


[Verse 3]
Please be you, everyone else is taken
You can't miss this point, you'll be mistaken
It's time to bring it back, bring it back to home
The place where trees were what wind blows
In this melting pot, we try to bake some cake
Try to fix this world cause I won't give it a break
But wait wait wait, is this what I get?
Or should I change the things that I expect?
Given but never taken, I'm talking about respect
To beg is not to choose what you collect
Call it what you see, your idea of perfect
But boy, do I see whatever I project
I don't really care if you haven't care
Always an open seat in my bandwagon there
Everyday is Good Friday, we'll be feasting
And thank God, you're still breathing

Track Name: Homeward Bound
[Verse 1]
Like many kids, I'm tryna see the world
Experience different girls, see my future unfurl
I feel like that one kid who's in Home Alone
Except I'm the one gone, and trapped is my soul
Old man, young body, tryna be a somebody
Rekindle flame of feelings with home, my shawty
I can't abandon this state, too much love for Cali
Switch to Engrish, it's the state I carry
My city needs me, and she's always waiting
One of the best in this world, don't bother debating
If life is a beach, I'm viewing the horizon
Tryna listen to her vocal waves colliding
Hate leaving home to where Life takes me
I know she'll be ok cause my family will stay
Familiarity and security don't help me grow
So I must go but
I have to say that...

There's no other place like home
There's no other place I put on
There's no place that I hold in my heart
You're always with me when I'm gone
I only wanna go home (4x)

[Verse 2]
War of Life, Love's Battlefield, I'm a mercenary
Hope I'm home alive in that Murcielago
I'm on a trip where I make money off raps
Flow is boomerang clips, cause bullets don't come back
I barely know my city, I take her with me
Do feelings and thoughts count? The only thing in me
I was tired of my house when I got grown
Even though I get old, Imma always rep home
But what is home? A house or a pad?
Or the feeling of family and friends you always have?
Only when something ain't there is when you see it
The second I stare, I start to believe it
Your boy is still fly, I left my bird nest
Gotta break it to you, I know it hurts your chest
I can only do me, I tell you it's for the best
I'm always ok, so I can always say that


So where, oh where, are we now?
Shouts to God asking why and how

Home's no house with walls and ceilings
It's your loved ones and all the feelings (2x)
Loved ones, and feelings (2x)

[Verse 3]
I know why I loved those Nintendo games
You had to play if you wanted the end to change
Always hard to see but I got a clear vision
I'm asking for your help: trust my decision
Don't worry, I'm on that college degree
I got control of my life, one day you'll agree
No question of will, but when I will make it
Home is always with me, wherever I take it

Track Name: Counting the Winds
[Verse 1]
Like many kids, I'm not like many kids
I scout the couch, I've been penniless
Up way too late, sometimes for a reason
Small fish in a pond, hearts in Pisces
Not the talking type, I would rather listen
This world's skinny jeans I'm tryna fit in
At the same time I wanna be recognized
But really... I don't wanna be despised
Kinda want a hoe and a money tree garden
Can I push my lucky without saying pardon?
I'm tryna find a girl I can call my own
No strings attached, like a mobile phone
All my favorite rappers take kush to the brain
But I said never mind, no Kurt Kobain
Friends addicted to games, some quick to complain
I don't wanna end up the same

I stare at the open space
Hoping to find
My own place
In this world
I play the game
Lose or win
I count the winds

[Verse 2]
My city's bright lights, splash of rainbow
Shining LCDs, people's cell phones
Out on the rome, tryna get home
I need GPS to find the road to success
Tryna live without stress, it's for the best
Always "staring-at-the-ceiling feeling" in my chest
I look around, and am greeted by clouds
if they could talk, I wonder how they sound
Always always thinking, "Is life worth my pride?"
What does it mean? Do we really die?
Do I have to spend lifetimes to be a master?
Can't I skip to the happy ever after?
Uh, am I doing anything right?
What is there for me in life?
If I was a pencil, could I make it right?
Tell me there's more to this thing called Life

Track Name: Never Look Back
[Verse 1]
Not understanding the position I stand in
Not quite in demand, but they know that I'm the man
I wanna give them what they want, but it's not what they need
If I give them anything less, they'd accuse me of greed
I've seen it all, it's like our favorite past time
Build a brother up then shoot him down before it's half time
Started with no one caring to everyone declaring the fact
that all this time I was preparing to show the world that I can rap
Wise beyond my years, but I'm still here
It'll take some a while for that line to be clear
I don't fear anything not even fear itself
Comprehend that what you apprehend you tend to hold dear
And only God knows, why I feel cold
Why my heart's froze, why my heart's closed
Everything's exposed, even to my foes
Everything was all good just a week ago
I suppose...

[Verse 2]
Flow's so sick, doctors wanna throw up
Rappers got "lil" as a prefix cause they ain't grown up
My hands are law and order, you about to observe
When I smack people with both, Justice is served
Life ain't fair I know someone told you
You better close your mouth before I fold you
Oooh I'll never understand why they want you to fall
You think I'm weird? I ain't never think of you at all
Ice box in place to replace my own heart
Wish you good will that's ill from the start
I spit that Wonderama shit for me and my conglomerates
For now I'm on that college shit, hoping for the finer shit
I'm venting, what you think don't offend me
Bullshit thick like a fog I don't see it relenting
I care less and don't give a fuck, it's a part of me
I do care what you think, I don't let it bother me
Of course...

[Verse 3]
Ain't lying, I stand on shoulders of giants like a ruler
Born a winner, I was never taught on how to be a loser
To people I try to connect, who never gave me respect
When I share my success, it's you I will not select
Ian and I see your bullshit and allegations
Ian and I work with what we got, we need a vacation
Not into making friends, I'm making money and enemies
I'm telling me that they're the ones who will remember me

All these girls waiting, sex after marriage
I don't see why, the only change is the appearance
Don't get me wrong, ain't in opposition to matrimony
But that saddest story is it's more an obligating insurance
Need less of these people tryna give me their verbiage
Never look back, the only thing I'll encourage
I forget the risk, I can take the fall
If it's what I want, it's worth it all

I forget the risk, I can take the fall
If it's what I want, it's worth it all
Track Name: Try to Stop Me
I am a fighter
I will go higher
You have to let go
No more regrets, no
You cannot stop me (2x)
I'll choose who I'll be, don't care what you see
I'm going to the top, so try to stop me

[Verse 1]
It's only been a minute, for me, it's way too long
to manifest my vision, the second you play this song
I am God's recipe, slowly churning
Though not Open Sesame, I'm fortunate to be learning
so much about Life, who I was meant to be
The music delayed, God said there's things I need to see
not to believe but know there's a time and place
to define my space and win the Divine Race
to love, get success, be loved, be the best
that I am, was, and will be, hopefully you see
I'm about to get my cheese, personal paparazzi
Trying to capture the essence of my inner Maserati
No stress, you can talk behind my back
Cause that means I'm ahead, getting my stacks
No breaks in my fast lane, come by and watch me
Tear a new one for the skeptics, come try and stop me


[Verse 2]
Home you going HAM? Little man that's what I consume
Spitting within this ballistic I go overflow the dam like a monsoon
and I'm on soon, I don't give an F, you speaking to a G
and I'm on time, Christmas delivery
Not asking for belief, nor your time nor attention
But I give relief, through my rhymes, something I should mention
Heavyweight Flow of Century, Jack Johnson
Diss me and you'll never get a response and
Look at me now, and rest your eyes
It's all about right now, and now I'm gonna shine
Can't lie, truth is better, stay with her so I'm sucker free
and I stay fly, in stormy weather, so I can find better company
Everyone wants to get get get something, they so greedy
But you can forget that bullcrap when you see me
You always have a choice to ride with my music
Carry on world on my back so nobody is losing


[Verse 3]
Climactic climate when life's the mountain you climb at
Living your own life I encourage you to try that
The climax I am riding on to the denouement
"Shout out to the world" that's my
Announcemen-tal fortress I make
To filter what I don't use and what I don't need
Because what you see and what you think
Are two different things behind one blink
The only thing I stopped, was chasing after their life
I had my own skills, I was tryna ball at their height
I wanted to be them, but they didn't care right?
I recognize that they were brave enough to live their life
You can't stop me, even if you stopped me
You get it if you get it, that's what a man taught me
I was the odd man out who tried to fit in
But now I stand out, cause I never give in

Track Name: This is Our Time
I wake up everyday
Going my own way
I'm waiting no more
My future's through closed doors

This is our time (4x)
Life's too short, we here to do it all
We're here to remember, not to regret
Don't you forget, even if you fall
We are here to shine this is our time

[Verse 1]
The world calls me out, I'm feeling strong
Life's my element, it's where I belong
Even if I'm hated, I'll still be smiling
Hear you call me small, but I'm a mental giant
Started at the bottom, not afraid to climb it
Destiny's a dime, and I'm right behind it
I sting like Ali, got the belt
and the difference between try and triumph is my extra umph
Peter Parker personality, Tony Stark ambition
Love in every syllable, that's my contribution
Being the man is my only addiction
I'm making myself clear, so I clarify confusion
They tryna slow me down saying I ain't cold enough
They tryna pull me down saying I ain'tbold and stuff
My happiness is something I can only bring
So I'll go ahead and do my own thing


[Verse 2]
I'm making life better while my bars go hard,
Keep it real and hot, spit like Charizard
I'm going Super Mario, I'm reaching for the stars
I will find my princess, no matter how far
Yeah, bullseye with my eyes closed
My past presents the future I make as time goes
I learnt every lesson, graduated from class time
I gotta live my life, as if it was my last time
I will not stop even if it's the sign
I paint the perfect picture for what's going through my mind
So you can all see, whether you disagree
that greatness I'll achieve, you don't have to believe
Yeah, you and everyone I won't let down
I get you at my level, the grind I won't let up
Yeah, this for those who keep your head down
You gotta smile back, and keep your head up


This is our time (4x)
Yeah, they're cool but I'm hot
I'm heading to the top
There's no way I'll drop
Cause I will not stop

Track Name: Shadows
When my world was crashing all around me
All my hope was gone
I was drowning in darkness
Barely hanging on
Out of the shadows, you appeared
And helped me breath again
So when it all goes to black I won't start to fall
Because I can find in you in the shadows

[Verse 1]
Why do I look for meaning in moments that you'll forget?
It's that "stare the ceiling" feeling in my chest
But my head's on my knees, hands on my hair
Asking if anyone, anyone really cares
Calling all these girls I'll never call my wife
Friends discussing if some people are better at life
Ignorance is bliss, because it protects happiness
If it's wrong to be happy then I will never be right
I heard if you want to know if you look like your friends
See how they talk behind your back, that's how you look to them
Middle finger to what they say, talk of the devil
They talk behind my back because I'm ahead of them
I thank God for Hip Hop, it gave me an identity
Forever put this on my family, I give you everything
Because when you trust who you are, in any and every weather
You'll find that every day is your best day ever


[Verse 2]
This may be nothing to you but it's everything to me
Alive is the state I would do anything to be
Christ's Second Coming is my mom saying "We made it!"
Born to do greatness the day she made me
Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought
I've come too far to waste the lessons I've been taught
Even if my life is no more, I'm never useless
It's because of emptiness that the cup is useful
The cover of my book weighs as much as the book itself
Appearances run this world, so I'mma look my best
But before you point and judge the worth of someone else
Look three times, you got three fingers pointed at yourself
Lotto ticket of my life like I'm starting from scratch
I feel this in my soul I know this is my path
Fixed up my lines, with my life as the cast,
this break I will catch, always remembering the times


[Verse 3]
Next time's my last time, I'll make it my best time
I'm finally talking with conviction, holding my chest high
When I'm scared or don't care, I try to put it in God's Hands
She gives it back and says, "Just be a fricking man!"
They say all good things in life come to an end
but I'm working hard so the best things can come again
What if the best things in life are really not things?
I know us rappers are trying to buy those feelings
Man, I'mma go ballistic if I'm a statistic of all this
I swear I'll erase our wish lists on Christmas
I'd rather do what I love, and struggle
then be secure, but emotionally troubled
If I was a doctor, I could help people survive
but I'mma give them this life they've been so deprived
Give my mom a hug, my dad and bro a high five
I don't know about you but I'm glad to be alive

Track Name: You Are the Reason
Teach us to love
Because we're searching for the sun
You are the Reason
Though our world has come undone
Don't hide away
You are the Reason we are here
We need you with us
And to guide us again
With our fear
You are the Reason (3x)

[Verse 1]
I'll say it right now, this is not religion
You may be sharp but the point you may miss it
Whether you rocking the Bible, Sutras or the Qur'an
You can't judge my cover when I shake your hand
Don't get twisted, who cares if you ain't straight
People remember you, even if they hate
It's the loser's way of being afraid
They wouldn't bother if they were actually getting laid
Man I give wisdom, I should take my own advice
Because I'm going slow, tryna get that fast life
I can take everything you dish me and add rice
I never question it, you don't have to ask twice
I'm chilling with Jesus, Buddha and Allah
And they're cool with me loving the mighty dollah
People only love us when we are leaving
But we stay because you're the reason we will


[Verse 2]
I hated hypocrites but I was a hypocrite
Nobody likes anybody who throws fits so quick
Life is Russian roulette with a full clip of six
We can take it but will you face it? Be quick to pick
I almost laughed when Mom gave me rapping tips
They always support me pursuing my happiness
I won't stop working, not until I earned it
Finally heard my calling, I'm here to return it
Dad's the man, keeping me real in life
I still call for you to deal with life
Hope you two stay together for better and for worse
God's got us forever, and I ain't talking bout Church
So please forgive me when I say I play the game
I have to be fair if Imma change the game
I'm always me even if I don't remain the same
You need only to say my name: Wade!


Looking through the eyes of Love
You know the world may seem a better place
and yet, the moment that you realize
there's so much pain before your very eyes

[Verse 3]
Kings don't cry but I cried for my dog
I'm ignoring the fact I may lose my mom
It's never to late to change the road you're own
We're all walking on the stairway of heaven to see God
I don't give a damn, but I do care
Mom when I make it, will you be there?
I love you all, even till death do us part
I know I'm here to touch your hearts